Your Rivista profile = your identity

It’s your business card on steroids meant for success. Your credible source for everyone.

Everything in one place

List your skills, strengths, experiences to give your clients an idea as to how you can help them with their business. The reviews add credibility to your profile which helps you establish authority.

Personalisation + discoverability

Get a personalized name URL for your Rivista profile, with built-in SEO benefits and seamless sharing with anyone, anywhere!

& highlight

Rivista encourages you to customize your profile to make your identity stand out. With Rivista you can also thrust your leading projects & contributions.

There’s more...

We at Rivista, are also working on adding audio and video testimonials to your profile which will enable your client to express your contribution in a more personable manner.

Text testimonial
Text testimonials will bring justness to your contributions on your profile.
Coming soon
Audio testimonial
With Rivista’s audio testimonies and reviews capture the pride and excitement in your clients voice as they describe their experience working with you!
Video testimonial
Authenticity has never been more clear! Rivista allows you to seamlessly collect video testimonies from clients. Truly capturing their emotions and thrill!
Coming soon