The Gap

Getting recognition
is difficult and uneasy.

Rivista helps you collect reviews and testimonials so that you don’t feel the same as them.

Asking for recommendations is difficult and challenging on other platforms. Applying for new jobs is lengthy process.
Vanessa Pinto
No idea how people feel about my work. Difficult to gauge areas that need improvement.
Intesar Sheikh
Marketing Manager
Clients don’t drop feedback because of confidentiality. Reviews get scattered on various platforms.
Mittul Bhutani
Freelance Web Designer
How Rivista helps

Make testimonials &
feedback your strength

Ask for the appreciation that you deserve.

Rivista helps you collect and showcase testimonials, feedback & appreciations from your peers, clients or managers.

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Collect reviews seamlessly
from anyone & anywhere.

Share your Rivista review form link with anyone and collect professional reviews from them, they don’t have to be on Rivista.

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Showcase recognition and

Rivista App helps you showcase your testimonials so that your next client, company or recruiter doesn’t have to struggle to know about you.

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Uplift others in their journey
towards recognition.

Give power to those who showcase, performance and professionalism.  Become an appraiser to the deserving and valued personnel.

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Rivista Profile

Build a profile powered by testimonials

Your work is your greatest asset, unravel it to become your strength

Rivista gives you the means to effectively leverage your strength.

Your Rivista Profile your identity.

Your identity is your strength and we give you the tools to solidify that.

Fully express who you are & showcase your talents.

Inform and astonish the world about you.

Oh but there’s more…

We value your privacy

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No fake reviews

No one can’t drop you reviews until they are connected

Take control of your own privacy.

Privacy controls

Don’t wanna show it all to the world! Just keep it within your connections OR heck just to yourself!

You will get to hide your reviews. But this feature will come at a later point of time.

Webview for Profile

People don’t have to be on
Rivista app to check your profile,
simply share a link.