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Enhance your proposal by linking it to Rivista, giving it a competitive edge over other competitors. Reviews for freelancers to build their reputation and credibility among clients. Whether positive or negative, reviews for freelancers improve their skills and deliver better services in the future. Therefore, it's important for both clients and freelancers to take reviews seriously and use them to enhance their working relationship.

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We encourage testimonials to be sincere, participatory, and interesting for your prospects with audio and video reviews.

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The tag feature helps emphasize on your firm's specific strengths and unbeatable skillset.

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Rivista is a testimonial app from which you can easily get text or video testimonials from your happy clients. With the Rivista testimonial app, you will be able to improve your sales and marketing outcomes. It allows you to collect and manage freelancer testimonials and reviews, building a strong online reputation and attracting more clients to your business. Start using Rivista today to take your freelance career to the next level!

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You can always publish your prior testimonials and reviews with Rivista.

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With our work to review associations, we hope to enhance your credibility so that you may stand out.


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Your traits and skills give you an advantage over the competition and give it a human touch along with freelancers review.

By using Rivista as a testimonial app for freelancers, you can build a strong online reputation and attract more clients to your freelance business. The platform allows you to manage your freelancers reviews by curating a portfolio of your work alongside all of your testimonials. This makes it easier for potential clients to see your expertise and credibility.

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