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As a content creator, you get to leverage your personality to boost your brand.

Turning reviews into impactful stories

We encourage testimonials to be sincere, participatory, and interesting for your prospects with audio and video reviews.

incredibly driven
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wealth of experience and knowledge
Sanjay sent an audio testimonial 🎙️

Indicate your niche

The tag feature helps emphasize on your firm's specific strengths and unbeatable skillset.

Personalised for you

With Rivista, you have access to tools and features specifically designed for content creators. This includes the ability to curate a portfolio of your work alongside your testimonials, helping you stand out in a crowded market. Plus, the platform makes it easy to request testimonials from clients and peers, allowing you to build a strong online reputation.

Everything at once

Never lose sight of your online presence, as Rivista enables you to link your profile to all your socials

Show-off your talent

You can demonstrate talent to your audience, with embedded testimonials on website.


Your personality matters

Your traits and skills give you an advantage over the competition and give it a human touch.

Rivista is a powerful testimonial app for content creators that offers unique features to enhance your sales and marketing outcomes. You can leverage Rivista to collect and manage reviews for content creators and content creators testimonials, showcasing your skills and expertise to potential clients.

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